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My name is Stan Dubin and this blog is “one Scientologist’s view of current events.”

Why would a Scientologist’s view of current events matter to you?

To answer that question, let’s first take a look at a basic premise of Scientology:

I was first introduced to Scientology in 1973. The information I studied at that time answered several important questions for me. Each person’s experience with Scientology is very personal and very subjective, but for me, I really wanted to know where certain fears, inhibitions and compulsions came from. More importantly, could one get rid of them?

I considered it a big plus that I didn’t have to “believe” anything. I simply studied and applied…and I was more than satisfied with the results.

Over the years I’ve received Scientology counseling and I’ve trained to be a Scientology counselor.  I’ve counseled many others using the various Scientology techniques.  Directly and indirectly I’ve helped thousands of people improve their lives. Read more »

World’s First Anti-Psychiatry Scholarship Established in Toronto


Bonnie Burstow has established a scholarship with this in mind:

“I’m hoping this scholarship will spur alternative ways of arranging society so that we aren’t inventing diseases or brain-damaging people, and there is a greater acceptance of difference,” says Burstow.

Here’s another quote from the site:

The author of “Psychiatry And The Business Of Madness” and an associate professor in Ontario Institute of Education’s department of leadership, higher and adult education believes that there is no proven biological basis for mental illness and that psychiatric methods – including drugs – and the institutions that support them are oppressive and violate human rights.

Progress folks, progress.

Signs and Symptoms of Drug Use

There is an exceptional article over at the Narconon site that discusses the things you need to watch for. Here is an excerpt of that article:

There are many signs, both physical and behavioral, that indicate drug use. Each drug has its own unique manifestations, but there are some general indications that a person is using drugs:

Sudden change in behavior

Mood swings; irritable and grumpy and then suddenly happy and bright

Withdrawal from family members

Careless about personal grooming

Loss of interest in hobbies, sports and other favorite activities

Changed sleeping pattern; up at night and sleeping during the day

Red or glassy eyes

Sniffly or runny nose

The following are effects related to frequently used drugs and also links to pages on the signs and symptoms of specific drug use:

Head on over to the Narconon site for the rest of this crucial information.

Strongest State Law Against FORCED Drugging of Children

From what I understand this legislator is pushing a bill in New Mexico which will be the strongest legislation to date to combat forced drugging of children.

The fact that legislation is needed to deal with forced drugging of children is a statement of how utterly depraved a certain segment of our society has gotten.

For more information, head over to Citizens Commission for Human Rights.

The Way to Happiness In Compton

From the Association for Better Living and Education site:


Isaac and the Teen Intervention Program work with teens who are either on drugs, in gangs or have a problem in school. Isaac Asberry is from the city of Compton, born and raised. He worked for the federal Department of Justice for for thirty years. He started the Teen Intervention Program in 2007.

The city of Compton is known throughout the world as where gangs originated from. Isaac says, “In this environment, to the young gang members, it’s an honor and a privilege to murder someone with no significant reason why. They teach them at a very young age ‘it’s okay to murder.’ Compton is known worldwide. So I chose Compton to make a difference.”

Here’s a short video on this:

Click here for more information and other videos on this.