Orson Scott Card Reviews “Writers of the Future”

As mentioned on the Writers of the Future web site: “A culture is as rich and capable of surviving as it has imaginative artists.” — L. Ron Hubbard. Thus began a talent search for the best creative imaginations in the world—the storytellers, the artists, the entertainers, the visionaries. Two contests that changed the future of […] Read more »

60 Minutes Gets It Right

I’m not a big fan of "60 Minutes" as they too often hurt people under the guise of investigative journalism, but this time they got it right. The following video demonstrates how music  can save lives. Very Well Done "60 Minutes" and continue to bring this kind of information to our TV sets! Click Here […] Read more »

You Can’t Possibly Be Right If I Am!

When I’m driving around, I’ll tune in to various talk shows. I like to listen to different points of view. Some of these viewpoints are presented with a “hey, here is what I’ve observed, see if you agree” attitude. This approach goes like this: one person talks while another (or others) listen. Then the listener […] Read more »