Have You Lived Before This Life?

via www.youtube.com At the end of the video, the lad indicates that he'd like others to know that they may have lived before. Well, I'd like to thank him for his persistence in getting his connection to his past life sorted out. And a very well done to his parents for being discerning and compassionate. […] Read more »

Getting Results… With Jim Newell

I've worked with Jim over the years and I can say without reservation that he is highly skilled, genuinely compassionate and very competent.  For more info on his services, head on over to his web site. Read more »

Applied Scholastics: What Students and Parents Say

  You know what amazes me? Well, I'm glad you asked! And here is a list: I'm amazed at how incredibly simple the study technology is. I'm amazed at how quickly people can learn and use it. I'm amazed at how dramatic the changes are when people use it. I'm amazed at how quickly study […] Read more »