The Power of A Booklet: “The Way to Happiness”

Here is an excerpt from the Association for Better Living and Education website: ISAAC ASBERRY and THE WAY TO HAPPINESS: Isaac and the Teen Intervention Program work with teens who are either on drugs, in gangs or have a problem in school. Isaac Asberry is from the city of Compton, born and raised. He worked […] Read more »

The Difference Between Scientology and Psychiatry

I’ve been asked many times “what’s the difference between Scientology and psychiatry?” From my point of view, here are the main differences that I see in these two subjects: During psychiatric counseling, the practitioner often will tell you what your problem is. You may be told you’re not handling something correctly and given advice on […] Read more »

The Human Mind

Stephen Wiltshire was given a short helicopter ride over the city of Rome. He was then given 5 and 1/2 yards of blank canvas and three days to reproduce what he saw. The intricacy and detail he portrayed is astonishing. As this video reminds us all, the human mind is indeed quite powerful. Read more »