Forcing Good News on Us?

I saw the following today from a blog on international journalism: "The Romanian senate passed a law last week requiring the media to provide their audiences with 50 percent positive news. The bill’s creators say the law will help fight the harms of negative news and its effects on people’s lives. "But Romania’s National Council […] Read more »

You Can’t Possibly Be Right If I Am!

When I’m driving around, I’ll tune in to various talk shows. I like to listen to different points of view. Some of these viewpoints are presented with a “hey, here is what I’ve observed, see if you agree” attitude. This approach goes like this: one person talks while another (or others) listen. Then the listener […] Read more »

How Does That Make You Feel?

How many times have you seen a reporter shove a mike into the face of someone who had just experienced some tragedy and then ask that absolutely inane question: “How does that make you feel?” After a tornado obliterated the person’s house, the reporter wanted to know how losing all of his worldly possessions made […] Read more »