The Power of A Booklet: “The Way to Happiness”

Here is an excerpt from the Association for Better Living and Education website: ISAAC ASBERRY and THE WAY TO HAPPINESS: Isaac and the Teen Intervention Program work with teens who are either on drugs, in gangs or have a problem in school. Isaac Asberry is from the city of Compton, born and raised. He worked […] Read more »

How Much Do Pharmaceutical Companies Pay Doctors To Shill for Them?

$760,000,000 — Seven hundred and sixty million dollars paid out in just the last two years by pharmaceutical companies to doctors. Now, you'll notice in the video this is in "disclosed payments." Hmm. Could there be other payments that are, let's say "not so disclosed"?   Three quarters of a billion dollars in just two […] Read more »

What Can a Moral Code Do For Us These Days?

Pulitzer Prize winning author and philosopher Will Durant said the following: “Civilization is not something inborn or imperishable; it must be acquired anew by every generation. Man differs from the beast only by education, which may be defined as the technique of transmitting civilization… Through church, or family, or school, or otherwise, there must be […] Read more »