A Constitutional Minute

I find these one minute statements about America’s Constitution most refreshing! ____________________________________________________________   How did America’s Founders understand the words, “All men are created equal”?   What is the difference between natural rights and entitlements?   Did America’s Founders intend to create a separation between church and state?   Why does the Constitution limit government? Read more »

The BLINDING Power of Ideology

The U.S. political scene has become more and more polarized. The last time I remember it being this highly-charged was during the latter years of the Vietnam War. If you talk to an ardent supporter of liberal ideology, you’ll hear certain viewpoints being communicated over and over. Hard-core conservatives have their list of subjects they […] Read more »

Voting for a President in 2008

My good friend, Tom Solari, wrote an article that gives a simple formula for choosing a President (or any politician). Here is the article in full: A MAGIC FORMULA Some years ago I figured out an easy way to resolve burning political questions and issues. I decided that a simple determining factor regarding politics, politicians […] Read more »

Thoughts on a New President

I’m not sure I’ve ever been thrilled about the candidates that the two party system has brought to the forefront. I know it’s cynical, but for most of my adult life I’ve held the view that many in political office were there for power and/or fame with little genuine concern for their constituents. As the […] Read more »