The Aurora Colorado Tragedy—Another Senseless Shooting, Another Psychotropic Drug?

The website at Citizen’s Commission For Human Rights (CCHR) put together this post and I have reprinted a good deal of it here: As the world’s leading mental health watchdog, CCHR has for decades investigated hundreds of similar acts of senseless violence in coordination with the press and law enforcement as well as in legislative hearings, […] Read more »

How Much Do Pharmaceutical Companies Pay Doctors To Shill for Them?

$760,000,000 — Seven hundred and sixty million dollars paid out in just the last two years by pharmaceutical companies to doctors. Now, you'll notice in the video this is in "disclosed payments." Hmm. Could there be other payments that are, let's say "not so disclosed"?   Three quarters of a billion dollars in just two […] Read more »

How Deliberate is the Dumbing Down of America?

Throw in a Teachers’ Union more interested in self-preservation and power than the well-being and education of our kids, and you’ve got a perfect storm that IS the current state of public school education in the U.S. Thankfully, real solutions exist and are being implemented throughout the world. Check out what can be done here. Read more »