The LA Times Gets It Right

The LA Times decided to get some actual information on what Scientology is. Here is an excerpt of the article: The tabloids tell us that Scientology was at the root of the breakup between Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. If the “sources” fueling the entertainment media’s frenzied coverage of the divorce are correct, Holmes realized […] Read more »

My Take on Dog-Fighting

I’m not here to pass judgement on Michael Vick, the quarterback from the Atlanta Falcons, recently indicted on a variety of issues related to dog-fighting. I’m here to express shock, outrage and grief for this inhuman activity. And I’m here to give a solution to those who feel compelled to provide this "sport" to others […] Read more »

The Media Strikes Again!

North Korea sets off an underground nuclear device and the way the media sees it, the world has come frighteningly close to its very conclusion. Granted, North Korea is not a country that sane and rational people want developing a nuclear arsenal (of any amount), but if you follow the media’s presentation of this event, […] Read more »