Forcing Morality on Others

Our current culture is putting considerable pressure on people being “moral” and saying and doing the “right things.” An exec gets fired for having a strong opinion on traditional marriage. A food chain is attacked because its owner expresses his Christian beliefs. The list is quite long here.

Yes, sports figures should set a good example. One could say the same for the entertainment industry, but the number of disappointments from that arena are way too many to list.

I find most of this is a “group response” that has its roots in personal aberration. And forcing folks to set a good example by severely punishing them, well, it’s not likely to get the result intended.

And having said all of that, there are millions of incredibly decent people every day setting a great example for their children, for their communities and we hear so little about them. May that also be part of the problem?

There is a great book and tool: The Way to Happiness. A 21st century guide to morals for people of all ages.

Here are some concepts addressed in this book:

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