Getting Rid of Pain

I brought my laptop to Barnes and Nobles with the intention of posting something new. I wasn’t 100% sure what the subject matter would be until I saw a woman reading a book on “cancer.” Of course I didn’t know if she was reading because she knew someone who needed help, because she needed help herself, or if she was simply eager to know more about the subject. I sensed from looking at her that it was not the last possibility.

I’ve written earlier about how Scientology can help with pain and how Scientology can help with the loss of a loved one. Those are very helpful items.

When I think about how much pain I’ve experienced; when I think about the pain I’ve observed others experience; when I think about how many people on this planet are daily struggling with pain, well, it just staggers me the enormity of pain that exists. What staggers me almost as much is that the vast majority of this pain does NOT need to exist.

Yes, there is the physical pain of stubbing one’s toe, the pain of burning your hand on the stove, the pain of bruising yourself from bumping into something. And yes, there is the pain of bones breaking and muscles cramping. These pains are all very real and understandable. But how about that pain in your toe a few months later, long after the stubbed toe healed? How about those unexplainable pains in the place where your arm was broken…fifteen years ago?

If you were to survey a group of seasoned medical professionals and ask them what percentage of the ailments they treat do they consider NOT physically generated, but rather coming from “the mind” — you might find the percentage exceptionally high.

A tremendous amount of the pain we experience comes from something that happened to us in the past. This fact is brought out in great detail in Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health. If you would like to reduce the amount of pain in your life or the life of someone you know, this book will be very helpful.

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