Have You Lived Before This Life…and Does It Matter?

More than half of this world’s population believe they have lived before. In the U.S. and other western societies, this is not a commonly held belief. From time to time, I hear (or read) that very early Christian and Jewish texts discussed the subject of past lives. If this is true, one might wonder why this information has not moved forward into present time. I have some ideas on this, but we’ll leave that for a future post.

For now, I simply want to put forward the notion that YOU may have lived before this life. And if this is true, then by simple logic, YOU will continue to exist after this current life. How you exist will be up to you to a large degree, but the quality of your life from this point forward can be significantly enhanced by considering this possibility.

YOU are not your body or even your mind. You have a body. You have a mind. But those two “things” are not YOU. You are a spiritual being with many, many previous lives and when your current body runs its course, YOU will still be alive, VERY MUCH alive. And as a spiritual being, YOU have tremendous capabilities. Scientology helps you tap these capabilities.

As a Scientologist, I don’t “believe” in past lives. I know from personal experience that I’ve lived before. Through Scientology counseling, I’ve looked at certain events that occurred well before this lifetime and these events were significant because, in some way, they were having an adverse affect on me in present time. I wasn’t looking at past life incidents for entertainment purposes, I was viewing them to help me resolve something I wanted to resolve in the present.

Most people have reality on the fact that things that happened to them in the past can have a negative effect on them in the present. As L. Ron Hubbard was developing the subjects of Dianetics and Scientology, he found that certain problems did not resolve until the individual located things that happened to them before this lifetime. I imagine Mr. Hubbard was very intrigued by this entire subject, but he made it very clear that his approach to the subject of past lives was solely to help an individual resolve unwanted conditions in the present.

When people did look at certain incidents in their past (prior to this lifetime) and were guided through this properly, then the present-time difficulties resolved. And they stayed resolved. That was really all that mattered. Not the excitement or entertainment value of what we were doing in the year 1805 or 500 B.C, but specifically what occurred at a certain point in time, that, when fully viewed, delivers tremendous relief AND allows us to be more able, more aware, and more understanding of ourselves and others.

That is a very good reason why it matters if we’ve lived before this life or not.

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