How Scientology Can Help with Pain

Pain. Now is that ever a topic.

I just entered the word “pain” into a Google search and 387,000,000 results came back. That’s 387 million.

There are entire industries and professions devoted to addressing pain. Some might even be intent on keeping us in pain, but that’s a subject for another post, another day.

We can safely consider two major areas of pain: physical (having to do with the body) and emotional (the mental or spiritual aspect of pain). For the purposes of this post, we’ll concentrate on the physical side of pain.

When a person is experiencing physical pain, there are several procedures in Scientology that can be of immense help. These procedures are called “assists.” From The Scientology Handbook website:

In Scientology an assist is an action undertaken to help a person confront physical difficulties. If a child has fallen and hurt himself, an assist can help him overcome the trauma. If a person has a toothache or has had a tooth pulled, an assist can help relieve the pain. When people are ill, assists can ease the discomfort and speed recovery. Even broken bones respond to assists. These and many other conditions can be improved by application of procedures classified under this heading of “Assists.”


In this picture, a Scientology Volunteer Minister is helping two nurses learn how to administer a Scientology Assist.

I personally have used assists many, many times. I recall some years ago burning my finger on the stove. I waited for the stove to cool off and then performed what is known as a “contact assist.” About 15 minutes later, the burn was completely gone. The pain was gone. The burn mark was gone. I realize that may sound too incredible to believe. But it happened and I can tell you I was TREMENDOUSLY relieved that it did.

Another time, a car door got slammed onto my hand. My hand was throbbing with pain. I used this “contact assist” procedure and yes, same result. Throbbing gone. I was left with a very mild discoloration on the hand, but NO PAIN.

My daughter learned to use assists at a very early age. People at her school were also very knowledgable of assists. You could drive by their school playground and observe the following:

The kids are playing on the swings and running around having a great time of it. One kid isn’t paying attention to where he’s running and he turns around to be met by one of the metal poles that holds the swings together. Boom! He hits the ground and he’s now in serious pain. Crying and all, he still manages to get himself up and puts himself through this “contact assist” while ALL of the other children stop playing and are completely quiet. The other kids know that it’s important not to enter any unnecessary noise or commotion into this situation. The child who met up with the metal pole completes the “contact assist” and yes, he feels better. He may even have completely eliminated the pain involved, but he will certainly be in much better shape as a result of this very simple “assist.”

I’ve given my wife a variety of assists over the years, greatly reducing the physical pain she’s had to experience. She’s returned the favor many times.

The Scientology Handbook website has a great deal of information on these different assists. The procedures are laid out step-by-step with pictures to make it clear how to perform each. In addition to assists that provide tremendous physical relief, there are also assists to help with emotional trauma.

Are you in pain? Is someone you know in pain? Go to this website and learn a few procedures that can be of immediate benefit to you.

By the way, the “contact assist” can be done entirely by yourself. Most of the other assists require the help of someone else. So grab a friend or a family member and have yourself a life with an awful lot less……pain!

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