Politicizing the Environment

In an earlier post I discussed the ongoing contentious debate about the environment. I’d like to add to that post here.

First of all, I’d like to say:

"Calm down, people!"

When one side of the "debate" rants on about how there will be no life on this planet in the foreseeable future (or at least no human life) and the other side counters that anyone too concerned about the environment is a self-serving, overly sensitive fruitcake, well, I get to thinking that these two somewhat fixed points of view may not be capable of solving whatever problem does exist.

Would I like to see the world subsist on a continually renewable source of energy? Yes, who wouldn’t?

Would I like to see any areas that have been polluted cleaned up so that we have full use of our natural resources? Yes, who wouldn’t?

Would I like to know the legitimate environmental factors we need to understand and address without any political bent whatsoever? Yes.

I guess part of the problem is that one side of the discussion rolls out their experts (with many initials after their last name) and these experts tell us what’s wrong. The other side then rolls out their experts (also with the initials) and they tell us what’s wrong with what the other experts just said.

It kind of reminds me of being in a court room when someone is on trial for murder. The prosecution and the defense both present their "experts." One expert testifies that the person was insane when he committed the murder. (Duh! Who isn’t somewhat insane when they murder another human being?)  The other "expert" comes on and of course tries to refute the first expert’s testimony. A very interesting drama.

Experts. Hmm. Well, my concept of an "expert" includes the ability to listen, observe and make independent and reasoned judgements based on data and not opinion or politics or funding.

So, let me repeat what I said earlier in this post:

"Calm down, people!"

Let’s get some rational data collected, understood and then applied. It is our environment. We are in command of it. Let’s get in command of our own emotions on this subject and move forward without all of the political posturing.

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