Stop Reading, Watching and Listening and See How You Feel

Was that just a gimmick-title to get your attention? Well, to be fair, on one level—yes. But my suggestion here is that you stop reading, watching and listening TO THE NEWS for one entire week and then see how you feel after that one week of abstinence.

[This post was taken from my other blog as I felt it has much wider application.]

Istock_000002026963smallThe news that we most often come into contact with (mainstream newspapers, TV and radio) is heavily, heavily, heavily concentrated on what’s wrong with our world. Did I use the word “heavily” enough?

If you were to take any major newspaper and go through it, starting with the front page, and count the number of articles that deal with violence, corruption, death, tragedy, loss, controversy, personal misfortune, etc. your jaw may drop when you see how much newspaper space is devoted to these subjects. In some newspapers, it’s a staggering amount.

The same is essentially true with television’s presentation of the news. When I used to travel more frequently, I’d make it a point to watch a portion of the nightly news telecasts for the different cities I was in: New York, Miami, Boston, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc. Every single newscast in every single city was obsessed with presenting bad news. After years and years of this approach, some TV stations began what had to be a revolutionary, new addition to their broadcast: at the end of all of the bad news (and of course after the weather and sports) they added a “good news / feeling good” feature. Whoah! I hope the first few program directors that went down that road didn’t lose their jobs and forfeit their careers for breaking new ground without millions being spent first to make sure people would buy into a short segment containing good news.

Okay, enough of my rant and rave.

Bottom line: when you watch, read and listen to the news over and over and over, you may get the idea that our world is filled with those things you keep hearing about: violence, corruption, controversy, etc. Even if you don’t get that idea, your attitude towards life and the world around you, well, it could get a bit tarnished. I know mine was after reading, watching and listening to too much of what we’ll simply call “bad news.”

So I suggest you do the following: for one week stop reading the news, stop watching the news, and stop listening to the news. One whole week. At the end of the week assess how you feel. Do you feel more alive, more alert, perhaps more excited about things? If you answered yes, then you know the news that you are pummeled with on a daily basis is NOT good for your health. Act accordingly.

By the way, if you have a friend, business associate or family member who is not doing well (emotionally, spiritually), you could suggest the above therapy. It certainly won’t hurt and it could help quite a bit.

You know, if I’m right and people do experience tremendous relief and renewed well-being simply by having no exposure to the media’s presentation of the “news”, what does that tell you?

One thing I know for sure: The world ISN’T filled with all of this bad news that so many media outlets push off on us. The overwhelming number of events that occur on our planet are events carried out by decent people, people interested in making a good go of it and willing to help when not pounded otherwise.

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