The “Free Hugs” Campaign

I bumped into this video several months ago. At that time, it had been viewed just over a million times on YouTube. The video showed what one person could do to bring a bit of joy into people’s lives. (I checked today and it has been viewed over 17 million times).

Make sure your speakers are turned on and then press the “play” button at the bottom left of the video screen.

Then a friend of mine told me of a Free Hugs “campaign” that was happening in Santa Monica. Here’s a link to that video.

Then I found out there was one in South Korea, Amsterday, Hollywood, Israel, China and on and on.

One guy, Juan Mann, started this “phenomenon” of simply giving out “free hugs.” Go here to see an interview with Juan that is definitely worth a couple of minutes. After viewing that video, give a click here and Juan will tell you what’s happened in the two and a half years since he first started giving out free hugs.

If you head over to YouTube and type in “free hugs”, you’ll find a ton of videos on this incredible wave of friendship and affinity.

Juan Mann decided to brighten up the lives of passerbys in Sydney, Australia by giving them free hugs. A couple of years later, hundreds of thousands, possibly millions of “free” hugs have been dispensed by complete strangers!

You gotta love it!

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