The New York Times Says…

We often see an article, book review, endorsement or something of the sort followed by the words: — New York Times

Or statements like these:

“The New York Times says this is a great book!”

“According to The New York Times, this movie is not worth your ten bucks!”

“The New York Times stated yesterday that the mayor wasn’t following his conscience when he…”

I’m not picking on The New York Times. Insert any other media source you like: The Washington Post, USA Today, CNN, ESPN, etc., etc.

When we read a review of a book, movie or any other artistic creation, that review is almost always done by a SINGLE PERSON. Last time I checked, The New York Times is not a SINGLE PERSON. This one individual’s opinion was presented in a newspaper entitled The New York Times. Now this individual could be on the staff at The New York Times or perhaps he was hired as a freelance for this particular review.

Who cares?

It is NOT The New York Times that wrote the review. It was most likely not even a total of two people who wrote the review. It was ONE PERSON.

The same goes for political opinions, social commentary, restaurant critiques and on and on and on and on. The New York Times, Washington Post, CNN are behemoth media groups, companies, conglomerates, whatever we decide to call them. When one person writes (or speaks) for them, they are not the will of all of the people at that media outfit.

Yes, I know most media outlets have a particular slant they like to give the news and therefore they’ll gladly publish one opinion more likely than another. But that’s not the point to this post.

The point is this: When someone says, “The New York Times says” or “it was recommended by The New York Times” or “it was panned by The New York Times” — step back a second and understand exactly what’s being communicated.

You’ve just been given ONE PERSON’S opinion.

Act accordingly.

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