“The War” Documentary by Ken Burns

I had a chance over the last few weeks to watch a good bit of Ken Burns’ documentary on World War II, entitled “The War.” It was quite a creation. A main theme was to take four towns (Sacramento, Mobile, Waterbury and Laverne) and look at how the war impacted the people and life in these four towns. Of course, the film encompassed the entire U.S. but it was made a much more personal documentary by concentrating on certain areas of the country.

We got to see an enormous amount of footage in both the European and Pacific theatres. War is horrific, and this point really came home during this documentary. We saw this from the point of view of the foot soldier, the navy man and those in the air force.

World War II was responsible for a tremendous loss of life. I don’t know the figures, not sure anyone really does, but we’re talking millions upon millions of people who died as a result of fighting, as a result of being in a place that was bombed over and over again, or the result of being carried off to death camps, to be slaughtered for reasons only a psychotic would offer up.

One thing really affected me about this documentary. I was deeply moved by the effects the war created on those who survived it. Not just the soldiers, but the loved ones back home who every day feared that ominous telegram from the War Department.

Many soldiers came home and had trouble returning to “normal life.” What they had seen was so gruesome, what they had experienced was so unsettling, the friends they lost so frequently, all of it immensely changed them. And those at home who lost loved ones were also changed forever.

Every war produces emotional trauma. Unfortunately there hasn’t been a uniformly effective method of handling this trauma. Until Dianetics. If you are a veteran of a war and are still experiencing emotional pain or discomfort, you have a real solution available to you. If someone you know is a vet and you can tell that the quality of their life has been reduced by their war experiences, you can make this solution known to them.

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If you or someone you know is experiencing emotional trauma, realize that Dianetics can and will bring enormous relief.

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