The Way to Happiness Booklet Prevents Crime!

I received an email today about an incident in which The Way to Happiness booklets appeared to save some lives and more. Here is the email in its entirety:

WTHIn Mexico there is a group of about 12 Scientologists who distribute The Way to Happiness led by a man nick-named “Tino”. One weekend they decided to distribute the booklets in a northern town that they heard had some recent increase of criminal activity named Sonora. They were driving along the highway when they came around a corner and found a fallen tree lying across the road.

They stopped, (along with another truck driving behind them) to see how they could move the tree and suddenly found themselves surrounded by a dozen armed criminals with masks. With guns being waved in their faces, it was clear that these men would not hesitate to kill. They held the Scientologists and the other people in the truck at gunpoint while they searched the vehicles for valuables. In truth, there was only one thing of value in the van…a single box of The Way to Happiness.

After several minutes one of the thieves handed the gang’s leader the box. He opened it and saw that they were just booklets. He came up to Tino and said angrily, "What’s this?" Tino told him that he and his team go out city to city to hand this book out to help handle drugs and crime for youth to make a better world "so they don’t turn out like us." Tino explained how The Way to Happiness helps kids and families, and started explaining to the criminal several of the precepts, showing him these in the book. 

The criminal leader started reading through The Way to Happiness and after a little bit his grimace turned to interest. Suddenly he closed the book, waving it at Tino. "This…” he said, "This has saved your life. You can go now. Get out of here!" 

He then signaled for them to leave. "And the truck behind you can go, too," the leader said and waved them away. But, he kept The Way to Happiness box and while Tino got back in the van he noticed the man was still reading. As they drove away Tino looked in the rearview mirror and saw the criminal leader had started handing out the booklet to each one of his armed and masked gang members!

Here's a great quote from L. Ron Hubbard, the author of The Way to Happiness, about the effects morals (and their lack of) can have on our children:

"Whatever one's affection for the child, remember that the child cannot survive well in the long run if he or she does not have his or her feet put on the way to survival. It will be no accident if the child goes wrong: the contemporary society is tailor-made for a child's failure.

"It will help enormously if you obtain a child's understanding of and agreement to follow the precepts contained in this book."

—L. Ron Hubbard

For more information on how The Way to Happiness book can help you and yours, head on over to The Way to Happiness Foundation.

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