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My name is Stan Dubin and this blog is “one Scientologist’s view of current events.”

Why would a Scientologist’s view of current events matter to you?

To answer that question, let’s first take a look at a basic premise of Scientology:

I was first introduced to Scientology in 1973. The information I studied at that time answered several important questions for me. Each person’s experience with Scientology is very personal and very subjective, but for me, I really wanted to know where certain fears, inhibitions and compulsions came from. More importantly, could one get rid of them?

I considered it a big plus that I didn’t have to “believe” anything. I simply studied and applied…and I was more than satisfied with the results.

Over the years I’ve received Scientology counseling and I’ve trained to be a Scientology counselor.  I’ve counseled many others using the various Scientology techniques.  Directly and indirectly I’ve helped thousands of people improve their lives.

Having been helped on a personal basis by Scientology is very satisfying.

Having helped so many others is even more satisfying.

My personal understanding of why Scientology is an applied religious philosophy is simply this:

Scientology addresses you as a spiritual being. You are not a mere collection of molecules. You are NOT a body. You are also NOT your brain or even your mind. You are a spiritual being with enormous capabilities. Scientology helps you tap those capabilities.

The application of Scientology has helped people in many areas of life. Here are just a few:

1) Restoring the love and excitement to a marriage.

2) Helping children to become contributing members of the family and preparing them to meet life’s challenges.

3) Completely rehabilitating someone on drugs (alcohol, etc.).

4) Properly educating folks so that they won’t succumb to the pressure to take drugs.

5) Providing the technology of “how to study.” Despite the best intentions, our educational system is not getting it done. L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries in this area are simple and remarkably effective.

6) L. Ron Hubbard wrote a common sense moral code entitled The Way to Happiness. Over 100 million copies have been distributed in 97 languages! More importantly, millions of people are using this book to help them make better decisions in life.

7) Enormous strides in the area of Human Rights.

8) Based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard, the Criminon program is reforming thousands of criminals in over 1,400 prisons in 23 countries. Robert F. Henderson, a Captain of the New York State Department of Correctional Services states: “The rehabilitative technology employed by Criminon offers the only truly workable means to handle the increasingly burdensome criminal populations.”

I have a good deal of experience applying the principles of Scientology to the workplace. Utilizing L. Ron Hubbard’s discoveries, I wrote the book The Small Business Success Manual. Almost 10,000 copies later, I’m proud to say the feedback has been enormously positive.

I also wrote the book When the Thrill Is Gone, again based on Mr. Hubbard’s works. If there is a relationship you’d like to improve, this book will lend a hand.

I’ve been a Scientologist for 38 years, and I’ve seen Scientology solve some of the toughest problems this world has to offer. From this experiential track, I’ll offer some observations and opinions about day-to-day events.

Sometimes I’ll just post something I found entertaining or fascinating.

And from time to time, I’ll provide some quotes from L. Ron Hubbard’s vast body of information that you can use.

The whole purpose will be on enjoying and improving life.

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* axiom —  an accepted general truth or principle
* secular —  concerned with worldly affairs rather than spiritual ones

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12 Responses to “Hello and Welcome!”

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  1. Celina Pearson says:

    Hi Stan,
    This blog is a very good idea.
    I would like to invite everyone to see the film: America, Freedom to Fascism. It is currently playing in theaters. this movie gives a good account of the current political scene for anyone who might not know what is really going on in the country today.
    A lot can be done to change this, and the time to act is now. Many programs have been started to turn the tide, and anyone can help. Everyone should

  2. Guy Zino says:

    Hi Stan,
    Well done on doing this. I look forward to a dialogue with persons of all backgrounds, religions, political leanings, etc.

  3. Kailash Kaushik says:

    Stan, Excellent idea on the blog. Keep up the good work!!!

  4. In addition to the lack of study methodologies that keep a student interested in their materials, the style of teaching used by conventional schools and colleges has been found by independent research studies to be largely ineffective. It’s called the “authoritarian style” of teaching. This is where a teacher or professor lectures an entire class of students, imparting the information at the teacher/professor’s pace and according to that lecturer’s understanding of the subject, editorial comments included. Whether the lecturer’s pace is too fast or too slow for the various students in the class is disregarded. This is rationalized by stating that students also have reading assignments (which, historically, they seldom do as their texts are often written by their professors). Whether what’s being said about the subject by the lecturer is factual or opinionated is also disregarded unless it’s so blatant that it creates sufficient controversy to raise public ire. Indeed, the creation of controversy (i.e. conflicting ideas) is even honored as a hallmark of academia. Whether the student can actually apply what was taught is not given serious consideration. As long as they “pass” the exam (usually graded on a curve so that if the best student got 50% of the answers correct, 50% would equal an “A”), they’re good to go.
    As mentioned, by independent research it was found that students undergoing an authoritarian style of education only retain around 10% of what was taught. One can appreciate why. Nonetheless, this is so accepted by society in general that employers KNOW someone just out of school can’t really do anything and will now have to be trained. In fact, most employers will tell you that all an applicant’s higher-education degree means is that the applicant “at least had enough discipline to stick it out and get the degree.” Thus, almost any degree is as good as another (unless it’s from the employer’s Alma Matter, which earns major brownie points over other similarly degreed applicants). This answers the question as to why 80% of people in the workplace with degrees are not using those degrees to earn a living.
    It’s really a rather silly system.
    The alternative is open-book, self-paced study by a student his knows Study Technology and under the watchful, caring eye of a Course Supervisor who has mastered – and can therefore easily spot and help resolve – the physiological manifestations that accompany poor study happens. And then followed by an apprenticeship or internship whereby the student must actually apply what was learned in a real-world workplace situation to the expected result. This is how competence is instilled.
    Harrison Quigley
    VP for Corporate Training
    Hubbard College of Administration Int’l

  5. Stan Dubin says:

    Thank you, Harrison, for your comment. That was extremely helpful information. Feel free to add your comments to my other posts on the subject of education — I am sure visitors to this blog will find them beneficial.

  6. Where can I get more info about the L. Ron Hubbard drug rehab program?

  7. Stan Dubin says:

    You can get more infor about L. Ron Hubbard’s drug rehab program at:

  8. Bruce says:

    Very nice page, lots of information to read.

  9. Cindy says:

    Hi Stan,
    I really have enjoyed all your writings. Really awesome to have created this. I like your style.

  10. Anthony says:

    Hey, fantastic blog, keep up the good work. I posted this page recently about person who did the Criminon program: http://www.squidoo.com/criminonresults

  11. Wm Stanley says:

    You are even into more ethereal enterprise than ever before. Well done, Stanley. I am single handing in Iowa – The Heartland and home of the Keokuk project. I would very much like to revive and renew – Your book makes sense, what with endorsements Like Craig Jensen. Most impressive.
    Touch base when you have a chance. I would like to buy a book or two.

  12. Jeff Ostrowski says:

    Hi Stan,
    Excellent blog. I can attest to your expertise since it is because of meeting you that I too have benefitted from applying Scientology principles in my business, family and personally. For example, we’ve used your book, the Small Business Suceess Manual, in my business for years and it is a big hit with my team because it makes sense and it works.
    Scientology has something for everyone and I wish you success at spreading the word through this blog.
    Best, Jeff

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