Thoughts on a New President

I’m not sure I’ve ever been thrilled about the candidates that the two party system has brought to the forefront.

I know it’s cynical, but for most of my adult life I’ve held the view that many in political office were there for power and/or fame with little genuine concern for their constituents. As the years rolled by and one politician after another was caught up in unethical or illegal activities, this belief became more and more confirmed.

In the last year or so, however, my interest in the race for president has been far greater than in previous years. I believe these next few years are very important years for our country and the world.

I still believe that anyone who makes it into the oval office is to a large degree beholden to other people and will often do their bidding. And it matters not which party they came from. But I also believe corrupt people can come to their senses. If not completely, then enough to make sane decisions to help this country move forward.

A few points regarding sanity and insanity:

  1. It is an insane notion that increasing the tax burden on the productive members of a society will benefit that society.
  2. It is particularly insane to believe a long-term, poorly run bureaucracy could administer to an entire nation’s health care needs. This is a path to greatly reduced health care for everyone.
  3. The sane country does not depend forever on external sources for its energy.
  4. Regardless of which side of the global warming issue you are, it is insane to continue to depend on fossil fuels for our energy needs. If government REALLY cared about this issue ten, twenty years ago, we’d be in MUCH better shape now. So waiting another 10-20 years to bring real alternative energy sources to the marketplace is NOT an option.

So my president would have a good understanding of those points.

I’m sure there are many different qualities people look for in a president. Here are a few of mine:

  • They must have a very thorough understanding and deep appreciation of the Constitution and of American history.
  • They must be REALLY intelligent.
  • They must be REALLY ethical.
  • They must REALLY care about us.

Such a person would have a very hard time becoming the President as it seems part of that equation is making too many deals with too many devils (which disqualifies them on the ethics point). But all of my political cynicism aside, I believe people can change and I believe powerful people can change. This country certainly needs them to.

Those are a few of my thoughts on the current presidential race. Whatever your views, when the time comes, be sure to cast your vote.

I have some other political views that I wrote about in this post.

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  1. Grahame says:

    I agree very much with what you have said. I had my say on this topic here: Scientology and Politics
    People can change. Let’s hope that whoever gets in this time changes for the better.

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