What IS Scientology?

The Church of Scientology has provided a new web site that does a fabulous job of answering the question: What IS Scientology?

The web address is www.Scientology.org.

This new web site is a collection of short videos explaining not only what Scientology is, but also how Scientology has helped people in various areas of life:

  • Greatly improving literacy for millions of people. This includes kids and adults!
  • Helping hundreds of thousands of people recover from the horrible effects of drugs
  • How a simple moral code has enabled millions to lead more ethical lives
  • Rehabilitating criminals better than any other system has in history
  • Volunteer efforts around the world
  • Promoting human rights
  • And of course how Scientology counseling and classes helps people live a better life in their own estimation

I particularly enjoyed the short videos where people from all walks of life explained how Scientology has helped them AND how Scientology has enabled them to effectively help others.

This is a superb collection of videos about the world’s fastest growing religion.


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