What Can a Moral Code Do For Us These Days?

Pulitzer Prize winning author and philosopher Will Durant said the following:

“Civilization is not something inborn or imperishable; it must be acquired anew by every generation. Man differs from the beast only by education, which may be defined as the technique of transmitting civilization… Through church, or family, or school, or otherwise, there must be a unifying moral code.”

As mentioned earlier, L. Ron Hubbard put together a simple moral code, entitled The Way to Happiness. The book that contains this moral code has been distributed to over 67 million people in over 91 languages and is now available as a FREE download. If you would like a copy, click here.


Here are some recent statements from people who have read and then put into application The Way to Happiness:

From a High School Teacher

“I have used The Way to Happiness booklet in my classes to aid in teaching value clarification techniques over the past two years. In all my years of experience, I have never found a more useful and effective tool for conveying and instilling in young people the foundation and framework from which to begin their life’s work. Its appeal to the students I have dealt with (considering their diverse backgrounds and the social and educational problems they bring with them to our program) has been utterly amazing!” — RU

From an American Teen

I liked handing out and helping with The Way to Happiness booklets… When you are a kid handing something to an adult that is so powerful that it can save lives and prevent war, you don’t feel like a kid any longer. That is why I like helping with The Way to Happiness.” — Chris L.

Student Successes from Seminars in the Middle East

“I learned that not only money and material things are needed. Happiness and being good to man are needed.”

“I learned that if I wish to reach something I have to work for it, not sit at home and watch TV but keep on trying.”

“I realized that it’s better to be happy than to use violence and that I should ignore little criticisms.”

“I realized violence could be prevented by more effective understandings.”

From a Government Official

“This little book is a moral and ethical miracle that we will drop in the middle of our society hoping that its message is transmitted to all social layers and every corner of our homeland. It is not a religious or political message but it is a universal message. In all parts of our country we find passions, selfishness and ambitions tending to take us away from the way to happiness. If Colombia applied the teachings of this book, it will become another peaceful, honest and respectful country. And we wouldn’t be fighting this bloody war.” — HO, Minister of the Interior for Colombia

The Way to Happiness has the potential to make a very positive impact on your life and on the lives of those close to you. Once again, for a FREE downloaded copy, click here.

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