When Somebody Asks Me the Question: What Is Scientology?

From the beginnning of this blog forward, I’ve offered a number of perspectives on current events. These have and always will be: “one Scientologist’s view of current events.” In this post, I’d like to discuss Scientology from a more direct perspective.

Let’s say a good friend of yours tells you he’s been having a problem with his marriage, a problem that’s been persisting for about 2-3 years. You were aware that he was having problems in this area, but you had no idea to what degree. Now you find out they had been seriously discussing divorce. Your friend goes on to tell you that he met someone who knows how to really FIX a marriage. Your friend and his wife sat down with this individual and a couple of weeks later, their marriage is completely restored. Their relationship is now better than when they first met. They’re no longer discussing a possible divorce, they’re discussing plans for an exciting and fulfilling future together. You’re of course very happy for this couple.

Then your friend tells you something else he’d not been very forthcoming about. His son had been in and out of drug rehab programs and was still struggling with an addiction to alcohol and marijuana. The son was having a VERY rough time in life. This same person who fixed your friend’s marriage knows someone who delivers effective help with drug addiction. The son goes through this program and comes out the other end NO LONGER ADDICTED to alcohol and marijuana. His life ceases be a constant struggle and the parents are elated beyond imagination. And you of course are also very happy for them.

Your friend isn’t finished confiding in you. He tells you that his oldest daughter was not really doing well in junior high school. That he was worried that she may not get into one of the better colleges and be denied the kind of education he’d like her to have. Your friend had enlisted the help of various tutors but they only made small improvements. The daughter was still doing very poorly in school. Once again, the person who fixed your friend’s marriage knew someone who could help. They made the arrangements and several weeks later, the daughter was completely turned around. She’s now doing fabulously well in school. And once again, the parents are tremendously relieved…and you can’t help smiling too.

One last thing your friend wants to tell you. His business had been doing very well for the first 10 years, but the last couple of years it’s been a tough go. A very tough go. He’s tried everything he can think of including hiring several different consultants, but no joy. He was going further into debt and the future for his business was looking pretty bleak. I imagine by now, you know what your friend’s going to say next: the person who helped him with his marriage also knows someone who delivers effective help to business owners. The introductions are made and two months later, his business has stopped hemorraghing, the staff are cooperating more with each other, and the company starts to make its way back into the black. Two months after that, the company is back to being a very profitable activity.

Your good friend has always shared some of the ins and outs of his life with you, but for the most part, he has kept the intimate details to himself. Who likes to tell others that their son is an addict, their marriage and business are failing and there are other family problems? But now he’s spilled the beans, but more importantly, he’s told you he’s found real solutions to each and every one of these very difficult problems.

And when he tells you every one of these solutions involved material found in Scientology, you are somewhat awed that a subject could be that vast and capable that a marriage, a drug addiction, a business and even a struggling student could be helped so effectively. You’re even more amazed that such changes could occur in the kinds of time periods described.

I certainly understand how someone could be amazed that ONE subject could provide answers to so many of life’s problems. Our world is just not accustomed to life’s problems being solved so powerfully. Many of us are used to coping with problems or being overwhelmed by problems, not so much getting rid of them.

Welcome to Scientology.

With Scientology, truly effective help is delivered each and every day to millions of people around the world.

So this begs the question: If Scientology works that well, then how come we haven’t heard more about it? I could talk about the media some more here, but I tire of discussing their frailties. One just can’t depend on mainstream media outlets to make known this kind of good news. It’s just not in their DNA.

But there is another factor to consider.

Some of us are just not comfortable with the subject of HELP. We’ve been “helped” before and that did not always go very well. We’ve tried to help others and sometimes that didn’t have a great outcome. We’ve also observed others trying to help others and when that help was ineffective, it hurt to simply be an observing party to it.

Help has become, well, a bit of a betrayal. We’ve become more and more wary of someone saying those four words: “I can help you.”

And getting back to your good friend, when he was told by the Scientologist: “I can help you,” he had two choices. He could become nervous and let his past failures with help back him off or he could rise above that and say: “okay, let’s get started.” Your friend made the right decision, at which point Scientology came into his life with solutions to this problem, solutions to that one and a few months down the road, his life was immensely improved. And that includes his wife, son, daughter — even his employees were the happy recipients of effective help.

So, when somebody asks me: “What is Scientology?” — I simply answer: real solutions to real problems.

I appreciate you taking the time to read all the way through this. It’s time to wrap this up and give you a few good links. Click here, sit back and read for yourself. If you can handle a very large dose of good news, then you’re in for a treat!

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  1. Linda says:

    Loved your blog. Yes. You are right. Sometimes the very fact that Scientology can handle such a broad range of life’s catastrophes makes it hard for people to believe. After all, how many times have you tried a diet that took those 25 pounds off just to gain 30 back (or gone to a marriage counselor when you were having a bit of a rough go only for it all to get much worse, etc. etc.). But it is true that Scientology handles all the things you described above. I wouldn’t believe it if I hadn’t experienced it myself. Thanks for writing this!

  2. Fabulous! I understand better now that I have read this article how to make it real and how to communicate for someone that Scientology can help.
    The key point is on how to make this real to the person and I always had trouble with that point
    Well done

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