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Istock_000000460707small_1In doing a recent search on Google for “divorce rates,” I found that approximately 50% of all first marriages end in divorce. Over 60% of second marriages fail and more than 70% of third marriages also end in divorce. (These are divorce rates for the United States)

Those are very strong figures.

Why do two people passionately committed to a long-term relationship end up going their separate ways? There is a key reason relationships go off the rails and L. Ron Hubbard located it. Thousands of marriages have not only been salvaged but completely restored by addressing this ONE KEY REASON. And when I say “completely restored” I mean the two spouses are absolutely delighted to be married and creating a future again.

So what is this one factor most responsible for marriages failing? Well, let me first tell you what isn’t the key reason:

— It’s NOT because you’re having money problems.

— It’s NOT because the husband is working long hours.

— It’s NOT because the wife has a career.

— It’s NOT because “you’re going in different directions.”

— It’s NOT because your spouse no longer really pays attention to you.

— It’s NOT because one or both of you “need some space.”

— It’s NOT due to less (or no) lovemaking.

The above certainly may be contributing factors but they are not WHY a marriage deteriorates and eventually ends in divorce.

I know I’m running the risk of being annoyingly coy here by not simply telling you what the key reason is, but I decided I want those who are interested in knowing more about this subject to get a copy of my book When the Thrill Is Gone, How to Put the Life and Excitement Back Into Any Relationship.

This book goes into this subject in great detail, in language that is easy to understand. But most importantly, it gives a procedure that you can use that is capable of returning the life and excitement to your relationship. And this procedure doesn’t take weeks and months to carry out. You could actually accomplish it over a weekend.

Yes, I could provide a small portion of that here, but I decided I’m not going to take a “fast food” approach to solving marriage problems. If you want to know what THE KEY REASON is to relationships failing AND what you can to do completely turn things around, click here. The book will not disappoint you.

If a relationship of yours has ended and you’re still experiencing unpleasant emotions about it, the book also gives you a procedure that will bring you tremendous relief. And it doesn’t matter if this relationship ended a few weeks or many years ago. The saying “time heals all wounds” just doesn’t seem to ring true with certain relationships of ours.

The book will also give you a ton of vital and useable information on how to choose the right person to begin a new relationship with. It’s not always about “how attracted” we are to someone.

If you’re in a relationship that’s struggling or declining, this book will help you tremendously. The information can even be applied to fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, best friends, business partners. The basic reason a relationship fails is applicable to every type of relationship. The book is specifically geared to matters of the heart, but any relationship can be restored using the procedures.

So that’s my pitch. Head on over and get yourself a copy. Click here and be prepared to see the life and excitement return to your important relationships!

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